Daphna Homecare and Supports Inc.


Daphna Homecare and Support is a  home care agency serving In Grande Prairie and all communities in Alberta. We place caregivers who provide personal care, homemaking, companionship, transportation to medical appointments, and other home care services in the client’s home or facility of their choice.

 We are registered, bonded, and insured for your peace of mind!

Homecare Services

We provide personal assistance such as bathing, grooming, feeding, dressing, toileting activities, senior companion care, residential home care, facility care, supportive care, respite care, shared residential living, and peer matching.  Free assistance in filling, Funding, and AISH forms.  Daphna's home care and support will gladly fulfill your home care needs. 

Please contact us to discuss your homecare needs and we are excited to develop a service plan specifically for you. 

Our service is extremely affordable!

Health Care Services

We assess, plan, and implement nursing care with the guidance of our registered nurses. 

We give huge attention to administering medication, simple wound care and change the dressing, ostomy care and feeding, etc.

Shared Residential living and Assisted living

Daphna Homecare and Supports operates shared residential assisted living in Grande Prairie and surrounding communities. These homes may have as many as four people living in them, to as little as one person.

 Based on the intake information, Daphna Homecare and Supports will set up peer match visits to Daphna Homes with vacancies. This visit or meet and greet at Daphna Homes will allow the client/Individual to view the home itself.

 The main piece to this peer match puzzle is choice. All peers are adults that have the right to choose who they live with and where. The roommates with the vacancy can choose who they want to live with them, then the peer looking at the vacancy has the right to decide if they will live at the shared home.

 Once all have agreed that they can live together, consent forms and service agreements are followed up and signed by all parties.

Special needs Childcare

Daphna Homecare and Supports serve children with Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Global Developmental Delay, Down Syndrome, Speech and Language delays. 

Our support services begin when we start working with a child - whether as a newly diagnosed infant or as a growing child - and extend to that child's entire support network. Children in our programs benefit from the support of our team that is assigned to work specifically with that child. 

Our in-home care service is where we really stand out.  We are one of the very few providers here in Grande Prairie that specializes in caring for children with developmental disabilities.

Daphna Homecare and Supports comes to you in all conditions, it's whether you’re looking for support at home or out in the community.

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